Crypto Liquidity Aggregator

Filter out your perfect liquidity

Crypto Liquidity Aggregator is an advanced software tool to gather and manage liquidity for a crypto exchange for a limitless number of crypto instruments, including Bitcoin and altcoins.

It allows you to create the liquidity flow that provides the best fit for your current business goals. Get access to a set of unique components that open you up to the best prices from selected providers and ensure true independence for your trading platform.


Pre-installed technical connectors

20 technical connections to crypto liquidity providers are part of the start-up package of this cryptocurrency exchange liquidity solution. A connector to any provider of your choice can also be developed.


Enhanced allocation and execution

Crypto Liquidity Aggregator solution enables trades routing and ensures their best execution in the given conditions, by providing effective tools for managing liquidity providers for a cryptocurrency exchange.


True market depth

Crypto Liquidity Aggregator’s Level 2 provides a market depth of 1000 layers both for bid and ask prices and momentum statistics to traders.


Quick launch

It is possible to install and connect our crypto exchange liquidity aggregator with your trading platform within three days, provided that there are effective contracts with liquidity providers for a cryptocurrency exchange.

Quote filters subsystem

At the heart of our crypto exchange liquidity solution is a subsystem of quote filters tailored to the distinctive features of crypto feed, like increased spreads, unexpected volatility spikes, as well as quote update time, which can increase depending on the popularity of the cryptocurrency.

The filer subsystem aims to anticipate possible critical conditions in the feed and not just resolve them, but also open up the possibility to profit from them.

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Hazardous condition:
volatility spikes
The cryptocurrency market is characterized by periodic price spikes, not all of which reflect the current state of the market. The software enables delaying the spikes in prices for a specified time, and passes them to execution only after the administrator's approval.

Administrators can access a variety of settings, from the state of the checkpoint (which encapsulates the last market price) to the value of the spikes allowed to be passed to execution.
prices icon
Hazardous condition:
arbitrage prices
For the cryptocurrency quote feed when multiple providers are connected, price arbitrage is a common condition.

If the software identifies an arbitrage condition, it can automatically apply markups to prices in order to execute a client's order with a spread that is favorable for administrators.
Hazardous condition:
increased spread
For the cryptocurrency market an unexpected spread increase is considered normal, but that does not mean that this condition should not be addressed.

The software allows the administrator to set the maximum allowable value for the spread, and eliminate quotes where the BID and ASK exceed the set value.
updates icon
Hazardous condition:
delays in quote updates
Delays in updating quotes may indicate technical malfunctions on the provider's side, which may soon lead to financial losses for the platform.

The system determines the relevance of quotes from liquidity providers and (according to values set by administrators) removes outdated quotes from the depths of the market, which are not updated at the requested frequency.
quality in liquidity aggregation
Hazardous condition:
difference in quotes quality
When providers offer different price feeds, with vastly different update times, market depths, and volumes, it is very important for the system administrator to identify and prioritize the providers with the best metrics.

The system allows you to prioritize flows of liquidity for a crypto exchange from different providers automatically, according to the specified parameters.
Once the filter subsystem has handled these and other hazardous conditions, you get a price feed that is profitable and safe for you and your customers.

Crypto Liquidity Aggregator: solution anatomy

Our crypto exchange aggregator comprises three core components: The Bridge, The Feeder, and the Admin Eye admin console.

The Bridge
The Bridge allows for any transaction placed in a trading platform to be executed via FIX/RESTful/Websocket API by an external liquidity provider, exchange, or another aggregator.
The Feeder
The Feeder receives quotes from different sources, processes them, and forwards them to other system components. The component also runs quotes through a system of configurable filters, forming a balanced depth of market.
The Admin Eye admin app
Admin Eye allows you to monitor the status of trading accounts that are used as clearing accounts, predict any possible critical conditions and perform trade rerouting from one account to another.

The Admin Eye capabilities automate or facilitate the following procedures for the administrator:
  • server resources monitoring;
  • system components diagnostics;
  • liquidity channels managing;
  • real-time exposure monitoring on every instrument with the ability to track under- or over-executed volumes as well as the positions opened with external liquidity providers;
  • comprehensive monitoring of all trading activity;
  • reviewing trading terms and conditions.
Advanced capabilities
Synthetic symbol market making algorithm
This solution component enables the creation of synthetic instruments based on existing ones, including fiat instruments, Bitcoin and altcoins. The algorithm follows a compliant risk management procedure, thus offering end cilets more trading opportunities while being fully confident in their safety.

In case a client starts to trade on a synthetic symbol, the algorithm opens the relevant positions on the symbols that participated in its formation.
Order internalization
Internal matching engine enables clients to generate internal crypto exchange liquidity and act both as price-takers and price-givers. In addition to the liquidity a platform receives from external suppliers, it is possible to add your clients' orders to the market depth.

This can significantly reduce the expenses on the liquidity providers' commissions.
Detailed logging and reporting
The crypto exchange aggregator is designed to register in detail the entire life cycle of a client order with a time record of each stage. This includes logging of interaction with external liquidity providers and the operation of the main aggregator services for quick system debugging.

This feature may also help save resources in resolving disputes with both customers and suppliers. Also, our cryptocurrency exchange liquidity aggregator reporting system allows creating customizable reports required for risk management optimization and interaction with liquidity providers.
Markups system
The filter system built into the crypto exchange aggregator enables markups to be added to all prices that come into the market depth from external suppliers.

The difference between the original prices and those that got processed by the markup filter can be a source of additional income for a platform.
Configuration for margin and spot exchange trading
Our crypto exchange liquidity aggregator provides access to two trading modes, margin and delivery, without any restrictions, but with preset configurations. They include features for reporting and risk control.

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