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As a veteran cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider, our crypto exchange software solution delivers stable and high-performing technology products to both mature and emerging businesses. Our crypto exchange software solution provide customers with all the latest innovations and state-of-the-art security protocols.

Our crypto exchange software solution catalog covers a wide range of trading technologies, including margin, deliverable and liquidity aggregation. Our crypto exchange software solutions provide for specific market requirements.

Being a provider of cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange solutions for nearly a decade, our company assembled a highly experienced team of IT, Legal and Financial professionals to ensure all clients have the most comprehensive support and best experience during their business development journeys.

White Label Crypto Exchange

A secure, stable white label solution with dozens of integrations with a 2-week implementation. Deep customization is possible to suit the customer's needs and market requirements.

Depending on the client company’s business needs, we will create an implementation roadmap.

  • Compliance with state-of-the art safety protocol to protect client company’s data and funds

  • Over 20 ready-to-use connectors to external crypto liquidity providers to gain market competitiveness

  • Built in KYC / AML tools

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Crypto Broker Turnkey

A complete software solution for leveraged trading of crypti assets.

  • Unlimited number of crypto, fiat and tokenized instruments for trading

  • Broad choice of ready-to-use connectors to major crypto liquidity providers

  • Comprehensive technical support and education

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Crypto Liquidity Aggregation

This software solution offers seamless crypto liquidity aggregation from various external and internal providers within a single view.

It supports different combinations of order types and includes a system of smart filters that present an opportunity to get the best price feed under given market conditions.

  • A smart filter subsystem, customized for crypto-tools and aimed at getting the perfect price flow

  • A market depth of 1000 layers both for bid and ask prices

  • Can be installed and up and running in three days

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Crypto Trading Platform

The solution serves as a solid foundation for both exchange and brokerage businesses by providing users with the opportunity to conduct both margin and deliverable trading.

  • An unlimited number of crypto trading instruments available via numerous connectors

  • Trading account types designed specifically for spot exchange operations and margin (leverage) trading

  • Multi-language client terminals (Web, Windows, Mobile iOS, and Mobile Android)

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An experienced cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider, the our crypto exchange software solution team take into account the smallest nuances that are important to your business.

Just tell us what you need, and we'll do the rest.

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