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White Label Crypto Exchange

A comprehensive tech platform to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • 20 ready-to-use crypto liquidity connectors

    The solution provides technical connectors to major crypto liquidity providers.

  • Crypto processing and custodial services

    Integrations with global getaways and blockchain analytical tools.

  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal options

    Pre-installed connectors to 60+ payment systems.

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Crypto Broker Turnkey

A one-stop entrance to the market of marginal crypto-trading at a reasonable cost.

  • A-Book / B-Book model

    A hybrid business model integrated for effective risk management and mitigation.

  • Asset digitization

    Tokenize and trade any asset from real estate to industrial business.

  • Algo trading capabilities

    Create custom synthetic instruments and indexes.

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Crypto Liquidity Aggregation

Choose the best liquidity providers and collect quality crypto liquidity on your own terms.

  • Quality liquidity flow

    Generate seamless liquidity from day one through external and internal providers.

  • Integrated matching engine

    Generate internal liquidity and execute trades without sending them to external liquidity providers.

  • Quote filters subsystem

    An integrated set of filters to process raw quotes from different sources and deliver a customized market depth.

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Crypto Trading Platform

A solid foundation to create a crypto exchange or crypto brokerage on a reasonable budget.

  • Trading accounts for different scenarios

    Trading account types designed for spot exchange operations and margin (leverage) trading.

  • Terminals to reach every major platform

    With web, desktop, and mobile terminals clients can choose the most efficient way to reach your services.

  • Wide range of APIs

    Connect external modules and services using FIX API, REST API, Web Sockets API, and proprietary SFX API.

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Why us?

Our experience and dedication have not only resulted in robust technical platforms that help our clients solve a multitude of business problems, but also allow us to offer additional services, including outsourcing of routine trading and financial operations.

You can concentrate on business management and we will take care of every small technical aspect. No question will go unanswered, no problem will go unattended.

More than 15 years of relevant experience in the industry

24/7 tech support and education

Solutions customization according to various business needs

Solutions deployment time from 3 weeks


WL Global is a team of fintech professionals who are dedicated to one cause — provide our clients with the most advanced technologies that the financial and cryptocurrency industry has to offer.

Our team includes technology evangelists and developers, legal experts and financial operations specialists.

We are eager to solve any challenge you throw in front of us.

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Knowledge base

Everything on starting and running a crypto exchange.

Starting Crypto Exchange Business 101

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Starting a White Label Crypto Exchange 101

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