Crypto Broker Turnkey

Engage margin trading, harness volatility

Our cryptocurrency broker white label solution provides you not only with a one-stop entrance to the market of marginal crypto-trading at a reasonable cost.

But also additional benefits that allow you to quickly start a cryptocurrency brokerage and secure a position in the ever-changing market of digital assets.

Empower your brokerage

Our crypto broker software incorporates our vast experience in the digital trading market, the rich background of our developers, analysts, legal experts, and business consultants.

The turnkey solution trading infrastructure takes into account all crypto currency industry trends, as well as common preferences of established brokerage businesses.

Virtually unlimited number of trading instruments, including Bitcoin and altcoins

Personal data protection

Access from web and mobile platforms

Wide choice of APIs

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Quality liquidity generation

Our Crypto Broker turnkey solution can provide you with connectors to all major cryptocurrency liquidity providers, including the largest exchanges like Binance, Kraken, FTX,, etc. This means that potentially any major crypto currency liquidity provider you are interested in can be integrated with your business.

Despite the fact that we present a cryptocurrency broker white label solution, you as a client will also have access to an exchange matching engine. This means that within the framework of your brokerage business you will be able to establish an electronic communication network (or ECN), where the limit orders of your customers can be matched with each other.

This way, with a solid customer network, you can provide yourself with an additional influx of liquidity, without having to spend extra resources on provider commissions and holding additional deposits.

A healthy trading ecosystem

Maintaining a healthy trading system under these conditions requires crypto broker software able to monitor the status of all compounds trouble-free. Technologies included in the solution package will allow you to perform a variety of complex tasks: provide analytics, work with auditors, financial controls, check user databases and documents, support integration with blockchain methods, and cryptocurrency payment solutions.

For instance, as a part of the solution, we can provide you with custom reporting services for your regulator, which will greatly simplify the process. This is possible because our crypto broker software is able to keep a complete log of the trade order lifecycle.

Maximize clients’ trading opportunities

With our white label crypto broker software, you can conduct margin trading operations without any restrictions. Moreover, the platform will provide you with algorithmic trading capabilities to make your business processes as flexible as possible.

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Digitization of assets

The features built into our solution package allow you to trade assets like stocks tied not only to fiat money but also to any digital currency.

Moreover, the algorithms used in the solution allow in theory to tokenize anything from real estate to industrial business, the only limit is your imagination.

Hence, the trading structure you get will allow you to create any custom instruments, link them to any existing currency, and launch them into the market using the trading platform.

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Slippage control protection

Ensure the best market execution on the sides of both users and business owners.

More tools for risk management

A-Book / B-Book model

A hybrid business model to earn along with profitable clients instead of losing on them.

Price flow filtering system:

aggregate and choose the best prices from specific suppliers with the whole system that ensures the depth of market workflow.

The smart filter system removes invalid and old quotes, eliminates spikes, and provides the possibility to set in the configuration the parameters by which bands from external liquidity providers will flow into the aggregated order book / depth of market.

Tailored software for your peace of mind

All products of our cryptocurrency broker white label solution were born and tested in our core competence, which is Forex trading technologies.

All procedures, mechanisms, and principles of margin trading have been practiced in the related domain for more than 15 years, and you can be sure that you get a completely fine-tuned solution at your disposal.

If you only need some of our cryptocurrency broker solution products (e.g. Trader's Room and Liquidity Aggregator for use with your MT4 or MT5), contact us to discuss integration options and become a crypto broker of your own design

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Solution overview

We offer a complete end-to-end crypto broker software solution that'll allow our client to focus on business development activities where our professionals fully handle the technological development and support.

Three components are responsible for the flawless operation of our crypto broker software.

Trading platform

Ensures the execution of all trading operations.

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Liquidity aggregation module

Ready to bolster liquidity on your newborn exchange.

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Trader’s room

A carefully designed back-office software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading system.

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