User scenario:
A white label crypto exchange

The client is a dynamic company operating in the fintech industry, focusing on introducing products for trading cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. Having recently secured a license at a prominent technology park and successfully passing rigorous audits, the client has launched a cutting-edge platform for digital asset trading.

The vision extended beyond just a cryptocurrency exchange; they aim to build an entire ecosystem around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Consequently, they require a software solution provider capable of meeting various needs, from developing a robust trading platform to creating proprietary payment services and facilitating tokenization and trading of assets.

The primary requirements include:

  • 1.A reliable crypto exchange platform with the capability to be swiftly deployed.
  • 2.Implementation of a margin trading model based on proprietary smart contracts.
  • 3.Asset tokenization and trading functionalities.
  • 4.Provision of a service network to assist other entities in launching security token offerings.
  • 5.Development of bespoke payment services.

To address these requirements, the client sought an experienced software developer to collaborate on the initial phase of the project.

This involved adapting the trading platform to local regulatory frameworks, undergoing thorough technological and legal audits, and ensuring the platform's readiness to accommodate future stages of development.

The solution was implemented in stages:

Presentation and Development

Introducing the client to the solution's functionality, customizing components to align with their needs, and preparing the platform for technological audit, which was successfully completed by Deloitte.

Delivery and Deployment

Collaboratively conducting beta testing, integrating payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, and SEPA, and launching the trading platform along with essential features like "Quick Exchange" and other necessary products.

Service and Improvement

Ongoing support and enhancement of the solution based on client feedback and evolving market requirements, including expanding deposit and withdrawal options, trading pairs, and connecting additional liquidity providers.

The outcome of this partnership was highly successful:

The client received a tailored solution that met both present and future project needs.

Support from legal and technical experts facilitated a smooth audit process and ensured compliance.

A fully functional exchange, integrated with major liquidity providers, was successfully launched.

All essential components were connected to support the growth of client's envisioned blockchain trading ecosystem.

The client's marketing team praised the collaboration, highlighting the client's continuous support and flexibility in customizing the solution to meet specific business requirements, stating that it surpassed their expectations of a traditional white-label solution.

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